• 1. Product entrustment and discussion
    Yolon is eager to bring solid support for your company. After learning your needs and thoughts, we will conduct a feasibility assessment as soon as possible and will confirm with you in terms of the overall information, structure, and direction.
  • 2. Proofing and continuous discussion
    After confirming all relevant information, we will remain in continuous discussion and communication with you, samples may also be requested, so that your company can have a clearer concept and understanding of the overall state and the details of the newly developed product.
  • 3. Sample confirmation and formal quotation
    After repeated discussions, we will provide the final sample together with the complete quotation and production schedule.
    With the continuous discussion and communication mentioned above, we will confirm the final structure of the product, as well as providing the final sample, complete quotation and production schedule, confirming the time of delivery.
  • 4. Approval from the client and mass production
    Once you give the approval after receiving the sample and complete the inspection , the manufacturing process will start at our factories.
  • 5. Quality inspection and shipment
    After the mass production begins, we will pay our upmost attention to the details and quality in every aspects, keeping track of the logistics status at any time, making sure that the products will be shipped on schedule.