Company Story

“If the world is a jungle, Yolon must be the pronghorn.”

In this unpredictable jungle of ever-changing nature, the pronghorn is agile and flexible, with a wide scope of vision and incredible endurance. Such abilities allow it to always survive from the ferocious predators.

There is no other animal more suitable to represent Yolon than a pronghorn.

Yolon is a Taiwanese OEM/ODM enterprise established in 2016. Currently, we have factories in both Taiwan and China, and have over 80 employees. In terms of production lines, they are divided into textile, electronics, and comprehensive lines. With more than 28,630sqft (805 tsubos) of factory area, the greatest strength of our company is that we possess comprehensive manufacturing and development abilities, while also providing outstanding quality and services. 

Although we are a young company, our managers and the manufacturing teams have over 30 years of experience. With our long-term partnership with Polaris, Britax, and other renowned brands in North America, as well as the sincere and trustworthy service quality of the Taiwanese people, the company quickly stood firm in the market. Plus, due to our close cooperation with supply chains of different industries, Yolon has developed a variety of astonishing products, including outdoor backpacks, various types of bags, small electronic devices, outdoor hardware, and more.