As our customers deeply trust in the development professionalism of Yolon’s first-generation manager, as well as Yolon’s outstanding skills in sewing and multi-material integration, we are entrusted with the development and manufacturing of medical protective gears, allowing Yolon to step into the medical protective gear market. Currently, Yolon has been developing and producing soft and hard protective gears for the elbow, leg, shoulder, back, and others. The products developed by us are already being sold in the North American and Asian markets.

Also, Yolon has the development and production capacity of electronics. By integrating infrared LED lights, Yolon aided customers by developing and manufacturing infrared heating pad products, such as heated seat pad and others. We’re currently in the development of heat pads for eyes, hands, shoulders, and legs, providing more options for you to work with Yolon.