The design and manufacturing of various backpacks and bags is Yolon’s earliest business model, and also the business type with the largest amount of our manufacturing partnership projects. The main customers are European and American outdoor brands and Japanese and Korean pet brands, including various outdoor backpacks, business backpacks, camera bags, functional bags, pet backpacks, etc. Yolon has the complete supply chain configuration, capable of logo electric embroidery, epoxy resin molding, screen printing, leather burnishing by hand, together with our partner-suppliers providing YKK original zippers or Samsonite zippers, all sorts of high-strength nylon webbing, EVA, and others; our factories are also equipped with computer sewing, high-frequency hot stamping, and other equipment. With our enriched professionalism and experiences, as well as the partnership with relevant parts and fabric suppliers, we always win the trust of renowned international brands and establish long-term partnerships. Even if the product must undergo over a hundred procedures, they are always accomplished orderly with Yolon’s exquisite craftsmanship and top quality. We have even helped our clients to win international design awards. From design and proofing, to manufacturing and production, we are at all ears for your visions, and will maintain consistent communication. Yolon’s professional teams are always at your service.